Hello World

It’s more than a little intimidating, starting a new blog.  It’s even MORE intimidating starting a business from the ground up.  I have a personal business goal of helping Small Business Owners get the most of the Social Media tools available to them.  This blog will be a reflection of my own struggles and successes as a Small Business.  The silver lining of being at the bottom of the ladder is that I will have experience to share with those businesses that I’ll be helping.

I plan to document the processes of becoming a business, of developing my business plan and the growth as a Social Media consultant and manager.  Information on becoming a business hasn’t been easy for me to find.  It’s either way easier than I think it is, or its too complicated and boring for others to document.

So if you’re interested in watching me grow as a Small Business Owner or wish to know more about Social Media and its uses, hang around.  Hopefully we’ll both learn something.


One thought on “Hello World

  1. We have a bicycle touring blog Pmcycletouring.com. We’ve feel behind on it, but plan to get going again. It is also based on WordPress.

    Your blog looks great on a mobile phone BTW.

    Two websites I use to check on website performance are Google Pagespeed Insights and gtmetrix.com. They help see if your site is running smooth and fast, however they are little technical, so I am not sure if they will help you much.


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