Reaction to Facebook’s new REACTION Buttons

The reactions to Facebooks new REACTION buttons seem to be one of excitement and, based on my personal friends’ posts, an overall positive one.


I personally am thrilled to have one more way that people can interact with each other. Facebook stated in a post of their own that they’ve “been listening to people and know that there should be more ways to easily and quickly express how something you see in News Feed makes you feel”.  The old LIKE button is still available, but the action of “liking” something isn’t very “social”.  Posts make us feel all sorts of emotions, and as business owners, you want to reach out for heartstrings or tickle a funny bone to get noticed in a customer’s facebook wall.

The release of the REACTION button is good news for those who promote their business or products on Facebook.  Marketplace was quick to remind us in a post this morning that they covered the development of the REACTION buttons months ago.  In an interview with Wally Krantz of Landor, Marketplace reported that “Facebook users will be more inclined to respond if they have a richer way to express themselves.”  This means that your business page posts may soon be getting much more feedback in the form of reaction responses.  As long as consumers utilize this new feature, you’ll start seeing exactly how your customers feel about your business posts.

How are YOUR friends and customers reacting to the new addition to the Facebook experience?



Hello World

It’s more than a little intimidating, starting a new blog.  It’s even MORE intimidating starting a business from the ground up.  I have a personal business goal of helping Small Business Owners get the most of the Social Media tools available to them.  This blog will be a reflection of my own struggles and successes as a Small Business.  The silver lining of being at the bottom of the ladder is that I will have experience to share with those businesses that I’ll be helping.

I plan to document the processes of becoming a business, of developing my business plan and the growth as a Social Media consultant and manager.  Information on becoming a business hasn’t been easy for me to find.  It’s either way easier than I think it is, or its too complicated and boring for others to document.

So if you’re interested in watching me grow as a Small Business Owner or wish to know more about Social Media and its uses, hang around.  Hopefully we’ll both learn something.