I got a FREE assessment on my Entreprenuerial Potential and you can too!

I had an amazing entrepreneur experience last night. This post is for Military Spouses in particular because it’s about a resource that’s available to YOU for free. Especially if you want to own or run your own business.

Not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship. If you have certain personality traits or critical thinking skills your goal of having your own business and being a success will come easier.

As a military spouse myself, I’ve been trying to utilize the resources available to me. At the same time I’ve been dealing with a lot of self doubt. Can I do this? Am I cut out to be a business owner? How do I know this is right for me?

So my ombudsman posted an amazing resource on their Facebook page and I got excited about it, then forgot about it, then remembered. We all do this right? The resource they posted was for the Spouse Education & Career Opportunities. It’s a program from Military OneSource and can be found at myseco.militaryonesource.mil

Spouse Education & Career Opportunities

They have a ton of resources for military spouses like resume building and career counseling but the tool I’m most excited about is the Entrepreneur EDGE assessment. This is a tool used by career advisors and human resource departments everywhere. It normally costs $50!!! But through SECO, it’s FREE!!!

What it does is assess whether you’re cut out to be an entrepreneur! You get a full report on how your perceptions of career and life as well as your exposure to business may have shaped you to be a savvy business owner or if it may be more of a struggle for you.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 5.04.16 PM
Screenshot from SECO’s page

To get this free assessment, you need to get access through SECO. At the SECO website, search for the EDGE assessment. It’ll give you instructions to call Military OneSource. They make you go through them to make sure you’re a military spouse on your Service Members page 2. It’s one of our benefits of being married to a service member! From there they’ll transfer you to a Career Counselor. This is where you need to be clear and ask to be emailed the Entrepreneur EDGe assessment link and code. I actually had to call back a few times because neither the career counselor or I had any idea of what to do. And that’s why I’m posting this, to save YOU time.

It’ll take about 20 minutes on the phone and then about 20 minutes to do the assessment and get your report. It’s totally worth it though. I felt much more confident about my future success as an entrepreneur when I saw my results. And I saved $50 by using my resources!

So if you want to get assessed on your future potential to be a business owner and you’re a military spouse, check out SECO for the EDGE assessment.

Have an awesome day and don’t forget to Promote Yourself!


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